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Gaining baseline knowledge about your contract is critical to your success. Our packages provide contract review options for new or established physicians.


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Once you complete the process of choosing a package and sending in your contract, your contract will be reviewed by a specialized Health Law Attorney and your review meeting can be scheduled.

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Ensure many factors including whether compensation and benefits meet industry standards, appropriate termination options, reasonable non-compete section and making sure there are no other negative clauses imposing unreasonable liquidated damages.

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- James D. Kelso, J.D., L.L.M. (Health Law)

 Jim Kelso James D. Kelso, JD, LLM

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Kelso Health Law Firm was established to provide the same level of services that we have found helpful throughout our professional development and career. When we have retained business professionals, we have appreciated not only their insights but the knowledge transfer that comes with being provided high quality services. Many of our clients are entering into business relationships for the first time and our goal is to take time so they understand the nuances of legal relationships that are forming around the transaction. Our goal is to be a resource and a business partner that clients can rely on for expert advice enabling the clients to make solid, effective and long term decisions. Our legal practice is designed to provide expert legal counsel, which includes managing legal issues, drafting technical legal solutions, and providing strategic legal planning.